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Commission Keith W!
Wall of the Arcane

Price and Consequence


So, it does seem that William may have a few friends and "friends" out in the Arcana, and at least one with a big mouth, no?

We'll just have to see if the price is something agreeable.

Delay, Oop


So, sorry for the little delay here. Depression attacked, and I managed to work my way around it. I wanted to do more with this page, but honestly, adding extra panels just seemed to diminish the idea I wanted to put forward with this image, showing that there's definitely much more than meets the eye to our pawnbroker.

Spider and Fly


So, when I started this out, I knew it was going to be a mini-quest, but I am curious what you guys think? Specifically, should this end on a serious note, or something more comedic and fun?

Let me know in the comments!