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Commission Keith W!

What Goes Around...


So, we go from me being down with the flu, to J now dying (figuratively) of the plague. Sorry for the slow updates.

So, it seems, despite her own appreciation of her clever plan, Mandrake may have overlooked a critical flaw in her plan...but it seems she has a solution...

What is that, you might ask? Well, tune in next week to find out! (hopefully J's phoenix tears will kick in by then).

And if not, tune in anyway for some brand new, just for you guys, placeholder art!

Keith W.

Happy Weekend!


Hello all! Sorry about the lateness of this page. All my fault, I assure you, and nothing to do with Keith.

So, the Beast is dead.

What will happen now?

We've got two more pages to go in this story and its on to the final short story of this chapter!

By the way, is anyone going to GenCon? I'll be going this year.

See you Monday!

Death Trap!


Have we veered from Beauty and the Beast to Hansel and Gretel?

Or has Mandrake simply decided to make a Rube Goldberg out of animated kitchen objects?

Is this the end of our furred antagonist?

Find out next Thursday as we near the end of...


Seriously, all, sorry for the delay. I promise the next story line is filled with sexy.

See you Thursday.