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Commission Keith W!

Importance of Being Chrys and Theresa


As I'm writing this particular short story, I'm realizing its the most important in the comic thus far. While next chapter will explain the metaplot I've been dropping since day one, Mysteries of the Arcana has always been about the romance between Chrys and Theresa.

Keith, meanwhile, is knocking these pages out of the park. They look beautiful!

See you Thursday!

Chrys's Bed


Chrys's bed is one of my favorite inventions in Mysteries of the Arcana. It is, essentially, a soft force field which immediately molds itself based on sensor readings of your body to fit not only what you need, physiologically, but what you need at that exact moment based on your present position so it changes when you roll onto your side, for example.

It also expands when you press a button, in this case growing from a twin size to a queen size in a blink of an eye.


Chrys: I got all dressed up! You just wore the underwear you always wear!

Theresa: I changed my panties! I normally wear boxers!

See you Monday!

Picture Says it All


Hi, all! I'm alive. I want to say thank you to Keith for posting while I've been busy dealing with earning whole dollars for writing stuff!

Speaking of which, I'm the developer, editor, and layout office for the Culinary Magic Cookbook, which brings cooking magic to Pathfinder with recipes which can be made in the real world, too! Please check it out and consider backing it.

Meanwhile, we're coming up on the end of this short story and chapter seven. Chapter eight will wrap up the overall storyline of Mysteries of the Arcana. Right now, with the Patreon the way it is, we're likely looking at a page per week. Slower but an easier pace to maintain and fund.

Meanwhile, enjoy the page!