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Commission Keith W!



Theresa seems to have forgotten something! I guess she's lucky Chrys can only Dreamwalk and not directly use the Royal Road, no? Might spoil the surprise.

I finished this amidst brain addled sickness and cold medicine induced fog, but hey, I enjoyed doing it, and that's what counts, right?


Oh Boy, and Apologies


So, I apologize for the lack of updates the past week. Things went from moderately erf, to bad, then back to fair. There were two different ER visits, a surgery, snowpocalypse, and now I am rather ill. J's still working crazy on his end, and we'll be reconvening in the near future to get back to the ongoing of chapter 8, but I myself, will hopefully be back to finishing up this little story next week (I'm hoping I can close it out in another 2-3 pages, 4 at the most).

Again, apologies, and thanks for sticking with us.

Keith W.

That artist person



Seems that Theresa was rather caught off-guard by the gown on Chrys' body. And it also seems their time is up on their outing. Next week should wrap up my little short story of mine, and hopefully you guys are still enjoying the ride along with me.

There are still a few more little surprises in this, that I hope I can fit into two pages. Thanks for hanging through with us!