Thick of Combat

By JGray

Hidden Name: Snow by Night

As Keith was coloring this page he IM'd me asking what color Chrys's magic should be here. It was blue the first time we saw her use this particular spell and purplish the second time. So, of course, I said red. The reason?

This particular spell allows you to make formula tweaks. A master of the magic can change the color of the spell, the sound it makes as it if cast, the shape of the energy ball and so forth. In other words, the spell can be customized to the user's preferences. Chrys, never a master of patience, didn't bother to learn more than the casting of the spell itself. As a result, the spell comes out a different color every time. She has no control over that particular variable.

Aren't you glad I stay up at night thinking of these things?

See you Monday!

Swiss Army Knife

By verias

Hidden Name: Talekyn

So, it would seem Kludge is always prepared, with a plethora of items at his disposal... And he seems very accurate with his throwing of that knife.

I'm pretty sure that's something that takes a lot of practice, since it's bottom-heavy.

What are your thoughts on how things have been playing out so far?

Keith W.

Badass Abounds

By JGray

Hidden Name: C. A. Morgan

We've seen this gum before.

The gum's activation sequence.

Five chapters and over three hundred pages in, there's enough Mysteries of the Arcana canon established that I can begin bringing things back. The gum's a good example. It exists primarily to assist in jumping. Hop hop and then push off and you go flying in the opposite direction of where your foot pressed downward. Chrys has found a brand new application.

I am very fond of Keith's work on this page. Chrys threw one hell of a punch there in that last panel. She's back in the game - the baleful gaze will have to wait for later.

See you Monday!