Still Delayed

By verias

Hey everyone, Keith here.

So, to put everyone's mind somewhat at ease, I'm alright. That being said, life is not without its perils and interruptions. There is a medical ordeal going on right now, and it's played havoc with my schedule this past week.

Tomorrow we will be visiting the doctor, and hopefully getting some way to manage things until surgery time. I won't go into much more detail than that, in order to protect privacy, but as it is going on in my home, it does impact me quite a lot.

In the meantime, enjoy another DC inspired cosplay with the ladies. I actually had the Powergirl joke popping around my head for a bit, and it's fun to get to put it up here, for you guys to see.

So, Power Girl and Huntress, MotA cosplay style.

Things should be back on track for Thursday to resume our regularly scheduled Chapter 5.


Keith W.

Slight Delay

By JGray

Hi, everyone!

Keith's had a family medical emergency so the next page has been delayed until Monday. We appreciate your patience.

In the meanwhile, please enjoy this little bit of filler Keith put together! Chrys and Theresa dressed as the Supergirl and Batgirl. Chrys is wearing the Helen Slater Supergirl costume from the movie. Theresa is in the original Batgirl costume from Barbara's first appearance in the comics.

Also, please check out the Golden Dames Project! It is my new webcomic project where I spotlight empowered female characters and creators from the Golden Age of comics. Each chapter highlights a different person and tells a complete story. I also provide commentary to provide historical context.

Currently, we're spotlighting Futura, a female space adventurer in the vein of Buck Rogers and Flash Gordon. The art is gorgeous and the writing full of pulp goodness. Please check it out! Better yet, leave a comment! The site is lonely.

Continuation and more lights outage!

By verias

Cameos: Marius Hjelseth and Anthony Cardno

Hidden Names: Red

So, we have more lights going out, and some kind of board game action taking place between Kludge and the Surgeon.

I wonder what kind of game and rules we might be able to conjure based solely on what we can see here?


Keith W.