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Commission Keith W!



So, seems life has been doing distraction type things to J and myself as of late. Here's hoping to get through it as fast as possible and keeping you guys elbow deep in Mysteries of the Arcana.

Speaking of distractions, it looks like Chrys and Theresa have found a bit of that themselves. Shame on them, whenever I had to work on a vehicle it was always elbow deep in grease and on my back.

Anyway, bad puns aside, we'll see you guys next week.

Keith W.

Sticky situations


Looks like this bomb is a bit on the manipulating side, attempting to move about do to what it's going to do.

Also, I know you guys tend to hang around here, but I do also do work on a few other webcomics, and actually, recently finished up the first episode of a motion comic along with Mike "Mac" Prokop.

You guys can check it out at this link.

And we'll see you guys next week!

Squishy Bomb


Some bombs go *clink* *clink* *clink*. This one goes *squish* *squish* *squish*!

To answer some questions from comments on the last page:

BowentheKotoc: Yes, those are tentacles. Biobombs are neat!

Francisco: You asked an interesting question. Is Chrys's father on the side of the Void? Or is all not as it seems? I'm afraid I can't give any answers quite yet.

There's a number of natural disasters in the US as of lately. I hope any MotA fans out there in Houston dodged the first hurricane and fans in Florida and beyond dodge the current one. I also hope readers in the Northwest are safe from the fires.

Mostly, I hope you're all safe.

See you next week!