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The Royal Road


I've detailed this in other parts of the comic before, but here's a reminder about the Royal Road.

The Royal Road allows travel between the various arcana. It exists in the Fool and connects to each of the other arcana and specific focus points. To get from any other arcana to the Fool, someone must travel to the focus point and visualize the Fool in some fashion. They will then be transported across the arcana to the Fool. From there, they can repeat the process and travel to whichever arcana they want by visualizing the proper symbol while standing on the road, between the four "pillars".

Of course, not everyone can use the Royal Road. Only Keys, those people who have a fragment of the original Arcana, within them can activate the Road. They can bring people with them when they travel, though. The original Arcana (big A), as a reminder, are the god-like beings who created the various arcana (little a) and, after a war between the two houses (the Minor and Major Arcana) are all imprisoned at the core of the various worlds/dimensions they created. Over time, pieces of the Arcana broke off as they struggled to be free and lodged into the souls of regular people, granting them both powers and the ability to activate and use the Royal Road.

As for how the Royal Road actually works? That hasn't been explained yet, though the fact that Kludge referred to the red crystal as the "wands pillar" provides a clue.

Hope that clears everything up!

@Francisco asked about the tentacles. Those were part of the mythos-bomb which blew up and caused the crack. The tentacles channeled the explosive energy of the bomb directly into the pillar.

See you next week!

Would You Like to Take a Survey?


It looks like the Royal Road is a bit broken. What does this mean? What will happen? How will anyone survive? Or is this just a flesh wound?

Keep in mind, this was no small explosion. The shockwave was enough to smash the Beast's windshield which is a decent distance away from the Royal Road.

Now, I want to ask a question. I'd like it if as many people could comment on it as possible. A while back, I had the idea of using the vs. M RPG engine to create a Mysteries of the Arcana roleplaying game. It would be official, using art from the comic, and act not only as a game but as a lore guide for the multiverse presented in MotA.

Is this something you, as a regular reader of the comic would be interested in? Is it something you'd be interested in helping fund? RPGs based on small properties like this generally don't do well so I'd want to to be sure the desire for it to be out in the world was there.

Please let me know what you think.

See you Monday!

Leading the Party


It seems the party has elected the bard as their leader. Meanwhile, the alchemist, the sorcerer, and the two fighters are following along.

Where's Mandrake you ask?

Excellent question.

By the way, there's a new vote incentive up! As the weather turns cold for many of us in the real world, you can take comfort in knowing the cast of MotA can all go someplace nice and warm.

See you Thursday!