Big Announcement (tm)

By verias

Firstly, sorry for the late update today, guys. J's been feeling the pressure and down a little bit lately, so here's hoping he gets to feeling better soon.

As for my big news!

A while back, DaveB, creator/writer/illustrator of Grrl Power posted an open call, looking for a colorist to supplement his work, and take a little of the load off of him while he preps for his Kickstarter as well as other things. I submitted for the job, and after some elimination and thought on Dave's part... I got the job!

My first installment helping him out went live today over at So, if you guys like a bit of comedy, beefcake, cheesecake, and superheroes, hop on over there and check it out. It's got a pretty hefty archive, but it's tons of fun.

Enjoy, and good day,

Keith W.

New RPG Stuff and News!

By JGray

Since last week several new backers have signed up for the MotA Patreon. We're at $270 a month which puts us $50 under our goal for two pages a week. Thank you, everyone. I'm honored.

Meanwhile, we're earning more money than we need to pay for the page a week updates we're doing now. So, the extra money is being set aside and will be used to pay for a 7-8 page side story. I'm still in the writing phase but I'm hoping to have it out sometime in the summer. Patreon backers will get to see it first but, eventually, it'll be made available to everyone.

In the meanwhile, I continue my RPG writing career. I'm in an editing phase with one book with Fat Goblin Games and just turned in a new project to them. I'm writing a book for Flaming Crab and developing an entire line for them as well. I'll have more on those as they develop.

Right now, my new book "Once Upon an Encounter: the Scorpion and the Frog" was just released in PDF format. It takes the old story of the scorpion and the frog and turns it into a Pathfinder encounter... what happens when a mad bomber has to listen to the voices in his head while he's on an ox-driven paddle barge in the middle of the river? The same barge your party is on? It is, if I do say so myself, an excellent one session encounter that a GM can drop into any campaign. There's a great new creature called a "boom laying slug" that's especially fun for alchemists. Please consider picking the book up. It is only $1.50.


New Bricks of the Arcana on Friday. New story comic next week.

OH! And tune in next week for an amazing announcement about Keith. He's got VERY exciting news.


By JGray

Like the title of today's page says, here are William and Circe's lines for the chapter. This particular chapter will focus heavily on Theresa and Chrys. The other characters appear but they don't get much play this time around.

And now, I'm gonna put on my NPR/PBS pledge drive voice.

Mysteries of the Arcana happens because 12 people who read this comic believe in it so much that they are willing to pay for it. 12 people out there pay the money I use to pay Keith and Wendy Wood for art - both for the story pages and the Bricks of the Arcana pages. Without them, this comic would just be a dead spot on the internet that never updated.

12 people.

I know more than 12 people read Mysteries of the Arcana, either page by page or in chunks every few weeks. Our metrics say so. So, I'm gonna ask again.

Please consider donating to our Patreon, even if it is only a dollar or two a month. Every single dollar counts. Right now, we're $69/month away from being able to return to two updates per week. Keith and I would love to get back to a faster story progression.

So, think about it, please. Is Mysteries of the Arcana worth supporting?

Thank you.

New Bricks of the Arcana on Friday. New story comic next Wednesday.