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Commission Keith W!

A Quick Revisit


I realized, in the midst of this hiatus/fillerfest, I have somewhat neglected seeing William as a fun source to work with, and as such, I decided I wanted to revisit the wedding gown idea for a moment.

Here we see William in a tux, and le gasp, smiling!

The question is, which side has the groomsmen? Chrys' or Theresa's? Anyway. Thank you guys for sticking with us, and we'll see you soon!

Another (Possible) Future


As promised, a look at the other end of the Inn's business in this possible future. Chrys, running the front bar, that a wedding band I see on her hand?

I liked putting this idea together, playing on potential changes in the growth of both Chrys and Theresa, things that might change as they got older, glasses, new hairstyles, etc.

J's still working hard at his day job, and I'm pushing forward with my own other work. And if you guys want to see other places my work is at, check out the following!

This is where I put pretty much everything else that's not comic specific! (Some NSFW stuff here, but nothing that can be seen by the passerby, just an fyi.)

I still color for Dave B. on occasion, and this comic is actually pretty funny.

I do a bit of coloring, editing, and occasional drawing here, feel free to add this one to your list as well, (updates are Patreon funded and based)

See you guys soon!

Some More Fun


Holiday Season is a rough time for most everyone, all the shopping, planning, family visitation, etc., and we're no exception.

As I'm writing this, a friend is visiting from out of town, and lots of that stuff tends to take up tons of time.

At the same time, I had a fun idea, kind of postulating the future, and what might happen if some years from now, Theresa and Chrys wound up running the inn. So here we have tavern Theresa. I will follow this up with a piece involving Chrys for another filler in the future, but keep it in mind!

See you guys next time!