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Commission Keith W!

Winding Down


Seems most of the festivities have dwindled out from the surprise party. Theresa has finished off her cake portions and finally is going to go nab her shower.

Upside: She does seem much more awake now, and perhaps she'll find something suitable to wear to go about the rest of her day. So, huzzah. Maybe we'll see what other fun goodies have found their way into Theresa's possession from those gifts she got.



Sorry for the delay guys and gals! We're back up and running, with a bit of a montage/collage of Theresa's birthday festivities...and I guess everyone was so excited, they never let her get her shower, or change her clothes.

I wonder what she has in all those lovely giftie boxes.

Also, Mandrake swimming in candy, so much fun, lol.

Easter and Illness


Hey guys,

I realize we're waffling a little bit, but hey, we keep dancing between who is sick. Right now it's me, and hoping to get over it as fast as possible. Sidenote: I realized that we actually haven't done an Easter filler since the creation of Mysteries of the Arcana, and this idea occurred to me, and made me think it might be funny if the concept of Easter Bunnies gets kind of misinterpreted by Chrys. In my head Theresa is saying "This is totally not what I meant when I was explaining the Easter Bunny to you."

Hope you guys enjoy, and hopefully we'll be back on track with Birthday on Thursday.