Happy Holiday!

By JGray

I was very pleased to see some conversation about the last page! Some excellent points were brought up about how unblack and white the rules in the Bible (especially those about killing) are. Some lovely thoughts about the simplification process that has occurred over the centuries during various translations of the Bible as well.

Now, we get the counter argument. Chrys having a bit of common sense - and looking fabulous while doing it. Seriously, Keith did an amazing job illustrating our dreamer protagonist for this page.

I hope all our Canadian readers had an exceptional Canada day and I hope all the American ones have a great 4th of July. I hope everyone else has an awesome weekend!

See you Monday.


By JGray

Welcome to summer. The kids are home. Every day is an adventure.

Or a headache.

Or both!

Today's page is interesting. I think any devout Christian has to come to grips with this issue. The Bible's pretty clear. Thou Shalt Not Kill. There aren't any qualifiers. Any exceptions. Four words is the whole rule.

So, what do soldiers do? Cops? Action heroes like Theresa? That's something she has to deal with.

What do you think?


By JGray

Theresa's been keeping Chrys waiting. Likely because Theresa's been debating all about her gun. She loves her gun and now she hates her gun. Hence the title of today's page. Will she bring it? Will she use it?

What do you think?

I've been on a reading streak lately. I've just finished reading the 21 books in the Phryne Fisher mystery series by Kerry Greenwood about a female private detective in 1920s Australia. I can't recommend them enough. They're an amazing study of the time as well as excellent pulp detective fiction staring a strong woman.

I'm currently working my way through Meg Cabot's Princess Diary series. Meg Cabbot is often underappreciated, I think, as a writer of young adult fiction.

After that, I'm on my way to the Longmire mysteries by Craig Johnson. Another detective set that I think has a lot of potential.

BTW, both Phryne Fisher and Longmire have shows based on them currently available via Netflix. I can't recommend them both enough. In an era filled with clone crime procedurals I'm always happy to find a good, unique PI series.


See you Monday!