Windows 10

By JGray

Yesterday, I started my upgrade to Windows 10.

My laptop overheated and shut down.

I retried.

My laptop overheated and shut down.

On the third try I put my laptop on stilts so the vents weren't blocked and set two cold packs on it.

The third try worked. It took about three hours to fully update.

I'm enjoying Windows 10 so far. The interface is clean and stylish. It doesn't seem to move slower and Cortana is a blast to play with.

What about you? Are you upgrading? Assuming you have a Windows machine, of course.

Had to be done twice

By JGray

You're looking at a rare page. Usually, I don't ask Keith to go back and change things on a page. Either he gets it right the first time or he improves on what I write. This time, however, I needed him to go back and make the ground look more like the surface of a tree. Otherwise, they could have been standing on bare ground!

We're also looking at a new arcana! We haven't seen one of those since chapter 3. Chapters 4 and 5 both took place in the Fool.

What do you think the Hanged Man will be like?


By JGray

Today's strictly an SFX shot. If this were a Michael Bay film the camera would be all shaky as the lightning hit. If this were a Abrams film we'd have LENS FLARES! Honestly, I love the Royal Road effect. It is so simple but conveys the idea so well!

So, as a reminder! I am a writer and, as such, I have books for sale! What kind of books? Well, let's start off with Mysteries of the Arcana. You can buy chapters 1 and 2 of Mysteries of the Arcana on Amazon. Each book has a bonus story in it that isn't available anywhere else, fully illustrated by an amazing artist.

Mysteries of the Arcana, Chapter 1.

Mysteries of the Arcana, Chapter 2.

In addition, I do RPG writing. I've written or contributed to a number of books for Pathfinder, which some people will recognize as D&D 3.75.

Spellstaff: The Magic User's Weapon - Written entirely by me. It introduces force blasting staves as a base weapon in Pathfinder for spellcasters. The book on sale until the end of July!

Letters from the Flaming Crab: Winged Cavalry - I'm line developer, editor and contributor for this line. This is the first book in the line and it focuses on cavaliers who ride flying mounts. It includes an variant class as well as new cavalier orders and rules for better aerial mounted combat. Only $2.24 right now!

Once Upon an Encounter: Red Riding Hood - The first in a new line of short encounters that can be placed into any campaign. Meet Red Riding Hood, a paladin corrupted by her encounter with a demon wolf. Includes a new monster and new magic items! Co-written by me.

Once Upon an Encounter: Scorpion and the Frog - What happens when the voices in a mad bomber's head tells him to set off his explosives on a ferry in the middle of the river? The second in the line with a new creature of special interest to alchemists. Co-written by me.

More Forgotten Feats - A lovely listing of feats designed to be not niche but useful to a wide variety of characters. I contributed to this one.

The Demon Shaman Base Class - Exactly what it sounds like. A base class for people who want to play with demons instead of spirits. I co-edited this one.

Spheres of Power: Expanded Options - A supplement for Spheres of Power, which provides a new spin on magic in Pathfinder. Magic is no longer about spells but about spheres of influence. It adds more versatility and fluidity to standard D&D magic. I use it in my own campaign. Expanded Options gives some new archetypes and ideas for Spheres of Power. I contributed several archetypes.

Call to Arms: Ten-Foot Pole - We put this out for April Fool's but I think there's some very neat stuff in here. Some of it silly, some of it useful. Best of all, this book is pay what you want! I contributed a few items and creatures and ideas to the book.

There you go! Everything I currently have for sale, either as a writer or an editor. Sales of these books really help me. They convince publishers I'm worth hiring and, in several cases, actually net me a little cash. So, please take a look at them. Thank you!

See you Monday!