Happy March!

By JGray

I hope your March is a little less snow-logged than mine! It looks like I'll be shoveling the driveway again tomorrow.

I'm very proud to announce that my first Pathfinder-compatible solo book was released last week.

Spellstaff: the Magic User's Weapon

The staff, be it topped with a skull, gemstone, or crystal ball, has long been a symbol of the magic user’s power in classic fantasy literature. In roleplaying games, however, a staff is often nothing more than a glorified walking stick. Even those staves with actual power hold only a limited amount of charges before they are depleted, and recharging them costs the magic user precious spells. The spellstaff changes all this, giving magic users a ranged weapon that uniquely suits their mystery and power.

In other words, I made Dragon Age style staff weapons for Pathfinder.

Right now, the book is #6 on the "hottest Pathfinder" list over at DriveThruRPG. It is also on sale for GM Day/Week.

If you're interested, please consider picking up a copy. You can buy it over at DriveThruRPG or at Paizo's store. Better yet, pick the book up from the Open Gaming Store. The Open Gaming store takes the smallest bite out of the cover price, leaving a bit more for me and my publisher, Flaming Crab Games.

Thanks for supporting me!

There'll be a new Bricks of the Arcana come Friday.

See you next week!

Theresa's Hair

By JGray

Gunsolo noticed that Theresa's hair is considerably longer now than it was in previous chapters. In fact, if you go back and look at chapter 5, you'll see that her hair was just down to her shoulders. Now, it is a bit past her shoulders and in a pony tail. We've been purposefully growing out her hair a bit since chapter 4 but did so in stages. Gunsolo asked how long it has been since chapter 5 so here's the official timeline of MotA thus far. Instead of giving specific dates I'm noting time as relative to the present day. I'm also rounding to the nearest month.

Eleven months ago

Theresa travels into the subway tunnels to commit suicide and meets Chrystaline. Chrys drags Theresa to the Fool and they team up with William to rescue Melody from the Machine Intelligence. As detailed in Chapter 1: More Heavens and Earths.

Ten months ago

Theresa and Chrys return to the Hierophant to retrieve Theresa's jacket. Theresa meets a priest there and has a conversation about girls kissing girls. As detailed in Narrow.

Eight months ago

Chrys tricks Theresa into visiting the Ace of Cups where she has an unpleasant encounter with her past. As detailed in Chapter 2: All the Way Down.

Five months ago

Circe sends the residents of the Inn to gather supplies. Theresa and William visit multiple arcana before ending up in the Tower where they face horrors. Theresa acquires the Beast. Chrys and Mandrake go shopping in the Four of Coins. Chrys meets her father aboard a pirate ship and learns of the existence of the "Baleful Gaze". As detailed in Chapter 3: Two by Two.

Three months ago

Melody holds the Telling, sharing her theories on the formation of the arcana. Chrys and Theresa have a non-date. As detailed in Chapter 4: In the Beginnings.

Two months ago

Bandits under the leadership of Baron Sir break into the Inn and attempt to steal something from Circe's quarters. It takes the efforts of most of the Inn's regular residents to stop the invaders. As detailed in Chapter 5: Inn Trouble.


Theresa helps Kludge with his semi-regular mapping of the Fool.


In other news!

Keith is having a blitz commission sale. He's offering full-color, single character portraits for just $25. This is a serious bargain folks. The number of slots he's offering is limited so I'd leap on it while you've got the chance. You can find details here.

Okay! We'll have a new Bricks of the Arcana on Friday and we'll be back next week with a new page of chapter 6. See you then!

ComicsFix and RPGs

By JGray

I love this page, don't you? I was inspired by more recent work on Hawkeye and Young Avengers - the use of motion and composition to tell a story of continued movement in a single page. Keith took my idea and executed it brilliantly. Theresa and Kludge are very dynamic here.

Two items of news this week.

First, chapters 1 and 2 (and their bonus stories, Narrow and Fly Away Home) are available via ComicsFix now. ComicsFix is sort of like Netflix for comics. You pay $9 a month and get access to hundreds of comics to read. There's stuff from Dynamite like the Shadow, Vampirella, Voltron and Army of Darkness. There's stuff from Valiant like X-O Manowar and Shadowman. There's Lilith Dark and Beowulf. And a lot of webcomic stuff, too!

If you have a ComicsFix subscription or are getting one, please give Mysteries of the Arcana a read there. We get paid per page view.

In other news, I am now a line editor for Flaming Crab Games. We are developing a monthly series of short, Pathfinder-compatible books called "From the Logbooks of the Flaming Crab". Each month we'll be focusing on a different topic. We're recruiting now for the first three topics: Winged Cavalry, Cooking Magic and Pagan Holidays. We're not looking for pitches on material - we've got each installment outlined. Instead, you apply to be a writer and, if you're hired, we give you an assignment with instructions on content and format (though there is still room for creativity within that framework). Details are here! If you're interested, consider applying. This is a paying gig.

Bricks of the Arcana will go up Friday and I'll be posting a new MotA and blog entry next Wednesday! See you then.