Another Day

By JGray

Hidden Name: QuestCohl

The question was raised, why did Melody check on Theresa instead of Chrys? Adamas got it right. Helping Chrys wouldn't do her any good if someone snuck up behind Melody and killed her while she was distracted. First priority was getting intelligence on the situation.

And the intelligence? Blue healed Baron Sir. To death.

Use your imagination there.

See you Monday!


By verias

Hidden Name Kristy

Looks like Melody made it inside safely, but is everyone else alright?

Blue Goo

By JGray

Hidden Name: Ben Hudson

First, I want to apologize to Peggy over at Samhain Night. She was nice enough to do a filler for us a few days back and we weren't able to link to her comic for a plug due to technical errors. So, let's fix that.

Go read the gorgeous, Celtic mythology rich Samhain Night right after you read this blog!

Now, to remind everyone. Blue is a sentient color. He's literally an intelligent version of the color blue. Physically, this translates into a blue goo which can heal people. Blue usually stays inside the space suit because it finds that interacting with a world meant for people who aren't sentient shades of colors gets easier when one has hands and thumbs and a voice box/speaker. However, Baron Sir seems to have made the mistake of assuming that if Blue's outside of his suit, he's harmless.


See you Monday!