Theeee Barooooon!!!

By verias

Hidden Names: CeciliaY

So, hope everyone out there had a good weekend, holiday or otherwise.

Since we started, MotA has always had little nods to pop culture sprinkled throughout the comic. I find some of these to be just silly fun to do, like last Thursday's page. It wasn't in the script to make the flash-bang a Thermal Detonator, but I decided "What the hay." and just ran with it.

What's everyone else's opinion on seeing those little pop culture references, and perhaps a few you might like to see down the line (we may not use them, but superb ideas might get jotted down by J or myself.

Enjoy the page!

Keith W.

Back on Track

By JGray

Hidden name: Tanya

And here we go!

Things are better for Keith's household than expected. The problem turned out to be more easily treated than anticipated.

In the meanwhile, I've seen Captain America 2: Winter Solider and I'm caught up on Agents of SHIELD. Wow. Twists!

Speaking of twist... meet our new bad guys!

See you Monday.

Still Delayed

By verias

Hey everyone, Keith here.

So, to put everyone's mind somewhat at ease, I'm alright. That being said, life is not without its perils and interruptions. There is a medical ordeal going on right now, and it's played havoc with my schedule this past week.

Tomorrow we will be visiting the doctor, and hopefully getting some way to manage things until surgery time. I won't go into much more detail than that, in order to protect privacy, but as it is going on in my home, it does impact me quite a lot.

In the meantime, enjoy another DC inspired cosplay with the ladies. I actually had the Powergirl joke popping around my head for a bit, and it's fun to get to put it up here, for you guys to see.

So, Power Girl and Huntress, MotA cosplay style.

Things should be back on track for Thursday to resume our regularly scheduled Chapter 5.


Keith W.