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Commission Keith W!

What is the Void Monster?

By JGray

Okay! Because everyone was so nice as to submit an entry, I'm gonna take the time to respond to each entry in kind.

For those who want to skip to the end and see the winners, go all the way to the bottom of the message.

SirCrash: Aunties? That feels irreverent but fun. Like a nickname you'd give an enemy in the time of war.

JD: The Nothing is already the main "antagonist" of the Never Ending Story. While I can't say I wasn't inspired by that, I can't steal quite so blatantly.

Taletreader: Null elemental encompasses the idea well for reasons that are just becoming apparent now.

Six: Monster Void's adorbs. :)

Guest: Eliminar makes me want to break out my old He-Man action figures. Well done!

Blaireau Garou: [ ] is interesting but how would anyone by Mandrake pronounce it?

NoRAd: White Man/Men is interesting but they're only white to our limited conception. They are less the color white and more the absence of anything.

BowentheKotoc: Reality Eaters makes me think of a good horror novel about people living in an isolated village, worried that the "eaters" will come and erase them.

Insrtnmhre: White Shadow, again, relates to concepts that I don't think this creature embodies. Not white. More not anything.

Fairportfan: Awww! It was nice to see Chrys and Theresa in your icon rotation! You've moved onto Cheerleardia but still awesome. Thank you! AvoidMe is certainly something one should do with those nasties.

Fajuf: Void Monster. Spot on the nose. :)

Alexander Hollins: Your theory on shards of creation is an interesting one. I can neither confirm nor deny if you are on the right track.

Xade: Shanton as a pun on Shan't exist on? Clever.

Peaches: Tinkles says hello.

Lukkai: Holey Men? Yes. Yes, you went there. Bad pun sir! Bad!

Guest (Adamas?): Voidwalker's apt. Certainly these things move in "space" where nothing should.

Musicalife: Antimatter? That's an actual thing and not quite the same. In fact, one of these beasties would eat antimatter just like anything else.

Lyulf1: Everything's name should be Bob.

Nazzy: The idea of translating it to a different language is interesting but remember, everyone hears things in their own language. Or sees them, in Mandrake's case. English is the default because, well, that's what I write in.

Calimachus: Vee-nish. Now I'm imagining the void monster rising on the clam shell.

Gunsolo: Noth'un needs a Darth in front of it. I am DARTH NOTH'UN and soon you shall not exist!


SirCrash for Aunties (something I think some of the characters will call them in the future) AND

Taletreader for Null Elemental, which will be their technical name (though I might change it to Nullemental for the cleverness of it).

If the both of you would be so kind, click on the Commission Keith button on the right side of the page. That will list contact info for Keith. Tell him you won the contest and he'll hook you up with your free commission.

See everyone Thursday!


By verias

Hey Sports Fans,

Keep the suggestions for creature names coming! Not sure when J's planning to tally the entries and pick a winner, but til he offers a formal closing date, keep firing off suggestions.

Interestingly, this page was altered from the script. After reading the script, I posed an alternate way to play out the events, and J liked my idea enough that we decided to go with it instead.

In the script, Theresa doesn't clear the chamber, she loads the new clip and fires two shots, instead of one. I suggested having her remove the clip and the glove at the same time, so I could have her clear the slide before putting in the sigiled clip.

Power Glove GO!

By JGray

Thanks for the well-wishes everyone. The good news is, yes, we caught it in time. The chemo is rough and not fun but the survival odds are as close to one hundred percent as they can be. We were fortunate.

And we get to see Theresa's new toy in action. Flinging a square wooden table roughly twenty feet isn't anything to sneeze at. That glove really does amplify strength! And she didn't need to get bitten by a radioactive spider, exposed to a gamma bomb, or even get implanted cyberwear surgery to achieve the feat. Nice!

And, of course, it turned out to be useless but, hey, maybe next time it'll be more advantageous. At least it seems to have bought her the time she needs to finally use her power. Who wants to bet what the void monster's weakness is?

You know, void monster is a terrible name. OKAY! CONTEST TIME!

Here's the rules: One entry per reader - suggest a name for the void monster. This is meant to be a general name for the entire group (assuming there's more than one) instead of just this particular void monster (who might be named Larry, for all we know). Leave your suggestions in the comments for today's blog/comic. The winner will be announced next Monday and will receive a free commission from Keith!

Good luck! See you Thursday.