By JGray

If anyone tells you that LEGO comics are easy to make? Laugh. It takes a good camera (much better than that on my iPad) and good lighting (much better than what I have shining onto my kitchen table) and patience.

Still, I got the job done. Welcome to Kludge's Guide for New Keys! A multipart series that will go over some of the basic lore of the arcana including keys, their powers, the royal road and the arcana itself. Consider it a refresher course for the basic lore of the comic... with a punchline at the end.

I do apologize for the lateness of the comic. I've been working on fulfilling Kickstarter rewards. There were hours spent putting together packages for mailing and then, literally, three hours spent at the post office going through sending out each one. Now I'm working on the digital rewards - the three PDFs. Those'll be out soon. For those of you who supported MotA, you should be getting your physical rewards in the mail soon if you haven't already gotten them. Hope you enjoy them!

We'll be running Kludge's Guide on Monday and Thursday up until we start chapter 6, which I hope will be in February. I need to take a break in order to finish writing the next chapter. I also want to clean up the website, add some new features and put the MotA house back in order. Plus, I need to get some new projects up and running.

So, please come back on Monday for part 2! I hope to have some announcements for you by then.

See you Monday!


By verias

Hidden Name: Marius Hjelseth

And thus wraps Chapter 5. What'd you guys think?

We're taking the week off, so, we'll see you guys next Monday, with something fun, and news about Chapter 6!

See you then!


By JGray

Hidden Name: Genthar

Sorry this is so late. Today was pretty lousy.