Shadowrun and other musings

By JGray

Hidden Name: Jessica Cantlope

Bye, Aleena! I hope you don't mind the horrific death scene here that happened off camera. Trust me, cybernetic dismemberment and gore is best left to your fertile imaginations. Also, Keith charges me extra for splatterpunk (I'm kidding).

One of our clever readers noticed the similarities of our cyberspace setting to Shadowrun. Indeed. I am a big fan of cyberpunk being CYBERPUNK. My limbs are chrome, my cyberspace is geometric and neon and you jack straight into your head. No wifi. No bioware. No super high resolution, indistinguishable from reality cyberspace. :)

As we begin moving towards the end of chapter 5, Keith and I are firming up plans and codes and sites for Royal Road Studios, our umbrella organizations that'll include Mysteries of the Arcana, Silver City and any other projects we might embark on down the road. Please stay tuned for further information.

See you Thursday!

Taunting the Surgeon

By verias

Hidden Name: David F

Seems Aleena's definitely a bit on the confident side, don't you think?

In other news, Silver City is up on its own site, though the site is still under heavy construction, the comic itself is posted and updated Thursdays here.

And don't forget, Silver City is a Patreon funded project, which you can hop over and support here and even get free goodies, as well as early access to each page.

See you guys on Monday!

Problems Solved!

By JGray

Hidden Name: cds

Guest Villain: Aleena

So, we've had some problems with the site lately. First, someone tried to hack the server where we're kept. Nothing was compromised or damaged but it took some time to remove the trojans implanted. Then, our domain name expired. Of course, since I registered it five years ago it took me time to find all the proper passwords and usernames and such in order to renew the registration. However, all that's in the past!

I'm really pleased to say that our Guest Villain, the mysterious hacker trying to find the Inn's secrets, is also one of the comic's biggest supporters. It is safe to say, without her, Mysteries of the Arcana wouldn't be here. Aleena, everyone! The elfiest elf who ever elfed!

See you Thursday!