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Commission Keith W!
Wall of the Arcane


By JGray

Hi, everyone! Keith's present for the New Year was a fried motherboard. The new comic will be delayed a few days as he works on repairing his rig. Sorry for the lack of new pages until then. Hopefully it won't be long at all.

Happy New Year!

By JGray

And here we are on the 2nd day of 2017! The new page is up and we find out more about the curse. I think it is obvious our current storyline is inspired heavily by the story of Beauty and the Beast. However, unlike the animated objects in the Disney movie, here our animated objects were ALWAYS animated objects. Their curse isn't their state of being but being enslaved to serve the fuzzy bastard for life.

This is all taking place in the Eight of Swords, by the way, an arcana where everyone is cursed in some way.

What will Mandrake do?!?

See you Thursday!


By JGray

One of the most interesting things about writing Mandrake is she looks cute. She speaks in pictures. Its all very adorable and Disney...

... except she's in the equivalent of her early 20s for her people and she's saucy as hell. Which means she's happy to swear and that mindset interprets what might otherwise be non-profanity insults directly into profanities.

Only, how do you display profanity in pictographs? It has been a fun challenge for Keith and I.

Looks like the animated objects staffing the kitchen don't much like Mandrake's fuzzy host, doesn't it?

Hope everyone had a good holiday! What presents did folks get?

See you Monday!