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Commission Keith W!
Wall of the Arcane

Filling in the Gaps


So, there's a lot going on in both mine and J's courts for a bit, so in the meantime, I'll be posting some original pieces to help keep you guys entertained.

This here is the companion piece to the one of Theresa that was posted a little while back. I originally planned on pairing them both together to make some wallpapers. Not sure if I'm still going to do that, but I think both stand very well on their own, and who knows, maybe this is what Chrys is hiding under her robe on her way to Theresa's room.

During this interim, I'm totally open to suggestions for filler arts, so if you guys have ideas that you'd like to see drawn up of the girls, or any other cast members, drop them in the comments. I will not guarantee that I'll get everything drawn, but I'll pick the ones that I think have the best visual appeal and also lean toward something I would enjoy drawing.

Hope you guys will bear with us!

Keith W.

An Update!


Apologies for the delay, life seems to be getting the better of both J and myself as of late.

Chrys sure does love that bathrobe, doesn't she?

Speaking of things like that, one thing that I've always tried to do, and J's been pretty good about it too, is having different outfits for the characters, both in style and color (sans Theresa a lot of the time, she likes her green and khaki colors, and Kludge, because he likes his earthy tones), to help convey more information about the characters. Mostly that's Melody and Chrys, of course, who tend to show off a bit more skin upon occasion, than the rest of the cast. I even go so far as to duck about online and look at various fashion trends and attempt to find some way to somewhat incorporate elements of that into the looks.

See you guys on Thursday!

Winding Down


Seems most of the festivities have dwindled out from the surprise party. Theresa has finished off her cake portions and finally is going to go nab her shower.

Upside: She does seem much more awake now, and perhaps she'll find something suitable to wear to go about the rest of her day. So, huzzah. Maybe we'll see what other fun goodies have found their way into Theresa's possession from those gifts she got.