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Commission Keith W!

Wow, huh?

Much like a movie being formatted for standard definition television, this page has been edited to fit the viewing area. For a look at the FULL page, click here.

I asked Gennifer to put together a splash page showing off most of the cast so far (and then some!) and boy did she deliver! Every arcana explorer we've featured so far is making an appearance except for Chrys's dad and Mandrake, who has to watch the Inn during the Telling.

Beyond that, Gennifer put in a number of cameos and unique characters. One of the characters on this page will be very, very important to the next chapter.

Can you name all the MotA characters? Have any guesses about the extras? Care to wager which character is giving you an advanced preview of next chapter?

Next week, the Telling begins in earnest.