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A tender moment

What is Theresa saying 'whoa' about? You'll find out next page. It'll be a pretty, pretty page, I promise you. One of those big splash pages comic books are so fond of.

I admit, the last few pages have been a little fluffy. In a normal comic book, this wouldn't have been a big deal. In a comic that only updates twice a week, it adds a lot of wait to the pacing. Thank you for sticking through it.

The page about the security measures the Inn has is foreshadowing. It will become important in the next chapter. The page about translation was something I've been meaning to explain since day one. This page? I thought you guys deserved a little tenderness between our favorite elf and gun nut. This is the last major Chrys and Theresa moment you'll get this chapter. Starting next week, we'll be getting into the Telling.

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