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And the wolves are closing in! I don't know why they're so interested in Mandrake. She's barely a bite for one of them much less the whole pack.

Can anyone guess why this particular comic is in black and white?

For those of you who follow my game writing career, I've had a bunch of stuff come out in the past while.

First, there's Shadows over Vathak from Fat Goblin Games. SoV is what you get when you mix Pathfinder fantasy, Lovecraftian horror, Colonialism, and World War I combat. If you're interested, there's an Explorer's Guide available to give you an introduction and it is pay what you want which translates to free! If you're interested, check it out. Even if you're not interested, please consider "buying" it and downloading it because every sale helps raise visibility for the product. Shadows over Vathak includes playable races such as the romni (a wandering people with folk hero gods), the wretched (sewn together undead corpses created as living weapons for war), and the hauntlings (humans born possessed by ghosts). I wrote about 30 percent of the Shadows over Vathak: Player's Guideand am pretty proud of it.

I also wrote Curious Creaturesand the Tarot Alternative, two new books for the classic RPG system Castle Falkenstein where history, fantasy, steampunk, and fiction collide in a Victorian alternate universe. Back in the day, Castle Falkenstein won two Origin awards and earned acclaim for its beauty and creativity. I'm pretty darn proud of being a driving force in bringing it back today.

Fair warning, because Keith's at a convention this weekend there'll be filler on Monday but we'll be back with the story on Thursday.