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Uh Oh!


Sorry the page is a day late. First I got sent the wrong file and then there were some nasty colds running around the house.

Things are starting to happen! Mister Mist and Mister Eerie don't seem at all happy about the sudden end to the viquirrel war. I wonder what happens next? Well, I don't wonder. I wrote the script. I hope, however, that YOU wonder...

Last week I asked everyone what their favorite and least favorite chapters were. I got a nice number of responses.

Aleena loved chapter 4 because of the world building. Chapter 6, our current chapter, is her least favorite because of the pacing.

Laura, on the other hand, loves chapter 6 because Theresa and Chrys's relationship is progressing (and the hedges wanted to bone each other) while she thought chapter 5 had problems with characterization, especially in the final scene with Ruby.

KFox wasn't fond of chapter 4. He liked it but felt if broke the flow of the story. He was fond of seeing buff guys in chapters 1, 5, and 6 though!

Fairportfan felt chapter 2 gave a good explanation as to why a solid Catholic like Theresa was contemplating suicide while chapter 5 spent too much time on plot and not enough time on characterization.

Dave Robinson also felt chapter 4 broke the pacing of the comic so far. He loved chapter 1 because it introduced everyone and made him truly care about them.

JD had a hard time picking but went with chapter 3 because of the sheer variety. There was no least favorite chapter but JD wasn't fond of us going on hiatus.

Adamas liked Chrys's character development in chapter 3. Also, the sheer amount of Mandrake! No least favorite listed there.

Six couldn't pick a favorite or least favorite because the whole story seems connected. Which it is!

Peaches agreed!

Mythress gave a nice analysis of multiple chapters but eventually picked chapter 6 for multiple reasons. Chapter 6 is picking up the overall storyline of the comic, she feels, and because of the balance of the whimsical and creepy. Chapter 4 is her least favorite because, come on, Theresa in a strappy dress? Where's she gonna put the gun?

Seth thought chapter 4 was the low point. He's not particularly fond of info-dumps. For favorite, he was leaning toward chapter 3 because of lots of Mandrake!

Gunsolo, everyone's favorite island-dwelling lizard, picked chapter 1 and chapter 4 as tied for favorite. There was world building and origins! Chapter 5 was his least favorite because he felt the motivations of the intruders and their patron were unclear. Don't worry, Gunsolo! Chapter 7 will follow-up and explain that more!

SelenticSurface, on the other hand, liked chapter 5 because we had emotional complications, heroics, and foreshadowing. Chapter 4, on the other hand, seemed to go on forever (and the hiatus didn't help).

Lukkai, meanwhile had a hard time picking. Chapter 5 came out on top but chapter 2 was a close second place. He felt there was some lovely character development in both. He couldn't name a least favorite.

And that's a summary of thoughts from some of our loyal readers. Thank you for responding!

See you Thursday!