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Your Favorite MotA?


Hello! So, here I am, starting to work on chapter seven of Mysteries of the Arcana. Seven! My goodness. And I decided to ask a question I hope y'all will answer. Well, four questions really.

What's your favorite chapter of Mysteries of the Arcana?

And why?

What's your least favorite?

And why?

As a reminder, here are the chapters.

Chapter 1: More Heavens and Earths - Theresa meets Chrys and they end up having an adventure in the Devil where they rescue Chrys's mom.

Chapter 2: All the Way Down - Chrys and Theresa travel to an arcana of giant turtles, where truths are revealed.

Chapter 3: Two by Two - Everyone has to "pay their rent" by going supply shopping. William and Theresa visit his home arcana while Chrys and Mandrake end up chasing a little thief in a 1950-ish science fiction setting.

Chapter 4: In the Beginnings - Chrys and Theresa have their first "date", listening to Melody tell the origin story of the arcana.

Chapter 5: Inn Trouble - Baron Sir and a band of mercs invade the Inn.

Chapter 6: Void in the Road - This chapter!

I would really appreciate it if everyone who reads the comic took the time to answer these questions. Your thoughts will be a great help in writing the next chapter.

See you Monday!