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The New Year Continues!


Somehow, 2016 keeps going no matter how many times I write '2015' instead of '2016' when filling in the date on forms, checks, and other things I fill in dates on. I consider that rude.

So... I'm playing Fallout 4. I've restarted twice now. The third attempt at 'Tag' seems to be the one I like. Whenever I have a choice to name my character I always either pick the default (for example, my main character in Persona 4 Golden is always Yu Narukami) or I pick the name 'Tag Onist'. See what I did there? Add a 'pro' in front and you get...

... that's why I'm clever enough to write this webcomic.

Anyway, because Fallout 4 is much more a shooter than the previous versions, I'm having a tougher time of it. I always prefer intelligent, charismatic characters over super combat characters. Of course, I also pumped up my perception enough to get some good lockpicking in. And I raised my endurance enough to grab hold of the breathe underwater because I'm sure it will open up new areas and, hey, I can always go underwater as an escape route when the super mutants are charging after me, ready to eat my spleen.

I've only just now reached Diamond City. I'm going slow, taking my time and exploring because, hey! Just because I'm looking for my lost baby doesn't mean I can't get to know what's around me. I want to be sure I bring my kid back to a good home, right?

What games are you playing?

See you Thursday!