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And a happy Thursday morning to everyone. Y'all have been quiet lately. That's fine. We don't need comments on every page. I know you're out there...

... reading...

... silently judging me...


More seriously, has anyone played LEGO Dimensions yet? The game's a love letter to a number of fandoms. There's a Doctor Who level. A Scooby Doo level. A Ghostbusters level. A Back to the Future level. And all are gorgeous, dripping with flavor, and stuffed full of shout outs to the original.

There's nothing quite so awesome as having the Doctor jump into the Delorian from Back to the Future and say, "I could save the universe three times before this baby reaches 88 miles per hour!"

And if you're a Portal fan? The end credits will make you so very, very happy.

See you Monday!