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Commission Keith W!

Yep. It is Monday


Happy Monday, everyone. If today's page seems familiar, you'll just need to go through our archives and figure out why, won't you?

In Mysteries of the Arcana news, I've added some new milestones to the comic's Patreon. At $370, I start paying myself a salary of $5 per comic. Up until this point I've made literally nothing on Mysteries of the Arcana. In fact, I've paid a few thousand dollars to create it. So, actually getting money will be a novel thing, should it happen. At $400, Keith will get a bonus $30 per month in addition to what he's paid per page. I know he could use the funds, too. Currently, our Patreon is at $338 per month. Please consider supporting us. Most of you read this comic for free and I don't begrudge anyone that experience, but it isn't free to make.

Now, begging for money aside, how would you like to be immortalized in legend and lore? I'm currently helping to write the Shadows over Vathak Player's Guide. SoV is a Lovecraft inspired fantasy setting for the Pathfinder RPG. Fat Goblin Games, the publisher, is currently holding a contest to design iconic characters for the four new classes introduced in the SoV PG: soldier, fortune-teller, reanimator, and disciple. I'll brag a little and say I wrote the fortune-teller, roughly 1/3rd of the reanimator, and edited the other two. They're all good classes. Anyway, the point is, FGG is looking for people to submit basic character ideas for these four classes. They'll pick the ones they like best and, if one of those is your's, they'll work with you to fully develop the character as an iconic for the setting. Rick Hershey, a fairly well known RPG artist (he also worked on one of the Cowboys and Aliens comics) will be turning the image of your choice into art for the iconic and that art will be featured in the book. Plus, of course, you get a free digital copy.

You can find details about the Shadows over Vathak contest here. I encourage you ALL to enter. Be immortalized!

See you Thursday!