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Commission Keith W!

Keith Streams!


Morning, folks!

There was some more discussion after last week's page about gun safety and the rifle the viquirrels are using. A guess was made as to which real world model we used to... er... model our gun after. I'm not going to confirm or deny the guess just yet. It is actually a plot point of sorts.

In other news! Keith is now streaming the digital part of his art process regularly! And he invites y'all to wander in and watch him work, ask him questions, and enjoy the atmosphere.

Keith has two channels in which he shows his work. The first channel is specific to Mysteries of the Arcana and can be found here. It is SFW and you can get a preview of the upcoming pages of the comic as they are made.

The second channel is for all his other art, including commission work and, therefore, not always NSFW. You can find it here.

Keith is obviously not streaming all the time. That would be tiring. Follow him on twitter (handle: @verias) and you'll get announcements via twitter as to when streaming is starting up. I'll do my best to retweet those and I know DaveB over at GrrlPower does a well.

Alright! See you Thursday!