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Commission Keith W!

Meet Mister Mist


I'll let you form your own opinions about Mister Mist.

There was some discussion about the rifle Theresa was examining. I don't want to give too much away yet because the rifle actually is a plot point. I will say this, though.

1. It is a real rifle that shoots real bullets. It is not something quite as primitive as a squirrel gun.

2. It does have a magazine. It is located just in front of the forward hand grip and is obscured in most panels. Theresa is seen removing the magazine in the second panel of the previous page.

3. The rifle is based on a real rifle that existed and was used in open combat during a major war.

So, there you go! You'll find out more information about the rifle as the comic continues. Like I said, it is a plot point.


Finally! I have a new book out.

The Dragon's Hoard: Magic Arm & Armor is a toybox book with over 60 new weapons, shields, armors, and magic item properties for Pathfinder. If you're a Pathfinder player, this is good book to have on your shelf. I was co-editor on this one. I get a cut from every sale, so buying it gets you neat new magic toys and helps me out. The cost is $4.99.

See you Monday!