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We Weren't Kidding


When Chrys said "word of power" she meant that literally. Of course, it shrank into a more compact and portable form for easy travel.

I told y'all if I saw at least 10 haikus we'd put up an extra page this week and we did! Special thanks to David, DaemonDan, Mason010, Aleena, Raven Glassbone, Drakanor Dream, Mairsil, Gunsolo, Richard vanHouten, BowentheKotoc, Lukkai, Musical_life, steveha, astrocom, and mootstrap! 15 poems all about Mysteries of the Arcana! I couldn't be more pleased.

So, this week, we'll be M W F instead of M Th. Three pages of Mysteries of the Arcana for the price of two!

Good work! See you Wednesday!