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Back on Track


Sorry about that interruption! Here we are, back on track with the Telling. Or, rather, the very end of it. Melody's ended the story much in the same way she began it, using two classic phrases.

And hey! There's the gang! Chrys, Theresa, Kludge, Circe, WIlliam and even invisible trenchcoat guy! Though perhaps Chrys and Theresa are paying more attention to each other than the story...

Do you know, this is the first time our main characters have appeared in a comic page of MotA in over a year? Woah.

For those of you who might be interested, I was interviewed about webcomics, Mysteries of the Arcana, and character diversity over at Women Write About Comics, a news site that focuses on women in comics, both characters and creators. Go give it a read! Comment on the article and start a discussion, either there or here!

See you next Thursday.