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Kickstarter Success!


Hello and happy Monday! I am pleased to announce that, thanks to the readers of Mysteries of the Arcana, chapter 5 has been fully funded! That's right. The chapter 5 Kickstarter campaign raised $4,756. Which is enough to pay for chapter 5 and the two bonus stories that will be included in the digital trade editions of chapter 1 and chapter 2. Thank you for backing us. Thank you boosting the signal. Thank you for believing in Mysteries of the Arcana!

Today's page is amazing, isn't it? Curious as to what the full card behind Melody looks like? Well, you can see it here in our gallery! It is one gorgeous piece of art that brings a Mysteries of the Arcana twist to a classic card.

Now, we've got six pages of chapter 4 left to post. That means we'll be done on Monday, March 3rd. We're going to take a week and a half off and resume chapter 5 on Monday, March 17th. In the meanwhile, we plan on running Trailers! Got a webcomic, game, or indy book you want to promote? Create a one page "trailer" poster for it telling MotA readers why they should read/play your work. These are like movie trailers for indy web projects (except, you know, a single image instead of a video) so make it compelling! We'll be posting up to thirteen trailers so first come, first serve. The trailers need to be 650x1054 and 72dpi, saved in JPG format and sent to mysteriesofthearcana (at) gmail (dot) com by March 3rd.

See you Thursday!