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Commission Keith W!

Here it is!


And thus we come to the end of the Telling! We pull back from the story and remember this is, in fact, a storyteller. Melody is sharing this tale with us. This isn't the end of the chapter, though! We've got more pages coming up so stick with us!

The MotA ch 5 Kickstarter is doing amazingly! We're at $4,705 (out of $4,100) with 72 hours left to the end! Our next stretch goal, a brand new audio production set in the Mysteries of the Arcana universe, is at $5,700 but every dollar we raise will help keep the comic moving forward. If you're interested in contributing and you haven't yet, now is a great time!

We reached our first two stretch goals and will be producing two new, short comics. The first takes place shortly after chapter 1 and will be a bonus story in the digital trade of chapter 1. It will be illustrated Tiffany Munroe of Stargazer's Gate.

The second story takes place BEFORE chapter 1 and tells the tale of how Mandrake came to live at the Inn. It will be a bonus story in the digital trade of chapter 2. This story will be illustrated by Sarrah Wilkinson of Red Nebula Studios. You might remember she illustrated about thirty pages of the comic during chapter 3.

Alright! See you Thursday for the next page and the end of the Kickstarter!