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Lesbian Elf Needs Kisses!


Witness the remains of the major arcana! In the end, all the war has left are remnents. Each one of the major arcana are represented on this page. If you're having trouble seeing the symbols, try looking at this larger version! Can you match each element to a major arcana card?

In other news, the Mysteries of the Arcana chapter 5 Kickstarter is still going! We're currently at $3,389 out of $4,100 with a week left to go. The sharp eyed among you might notice that, at last update, we were at $3,608 out of $4,100. Yes, we're a little worse off now than we were on Monday. What happened? Basically, people are allowed to increase, decrease, or even cancel their backing of a Kickstarter up until it ends. One of our backers had to lower his contribution which knocked us from 92% funded to 82% funded.

However! We still have a week left and we're less than $800 away. I believe, with the help of the people who love and believe in Mysteries of the Arcana, we can make it! In fact, my belief is so strong I'm adding an extra reward! Everyone who contributes to our Kickstarter campaign, no matter the level, will receive a desktop/mobile device wallpaper pack in addition to their other rewards.

So, thank you, MotA fans! We can't do this without you and your support means the world to Keith and I.