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Commission Keith W!

Good work!

I am ninety-nine percent certain this is the first time the anthropomorphic representations of two Minor Arcana kings have been shown doing the gay kiss thing. In webcomics, anyway. Mysteries of the Arcana, breaking new ground! Woot!

More seriously, great job with the detective work, dreamwalkers! You performed some fantastic interpretation of the symbolism in the four minor arcana courts we presented.

Gillsing noticed that we included both the traditional alchemical correspondences (earth, air, fire, and water) and the symbols from playing card suits (spades, clubs, hearts, and diamonds).

Ketira and Ayshara both pointed out that we are using the hermetical interpretation of the element/arcana suit correspondence as laid out in Rider/Waite as opposed to the interpretation some more pagan oriented decks use. There's a reason for this. When I started Mysteries of the Arcana I decided to use Rider/Waite as a basis for two reasons. First, Rider/Waite remains the most recognizable deck in existence. Second, the original Rider/Waite images are in the public domain and we can work with them without worrying about copyright or trademark infringement.

Erik pointed out that each royal had their own unique throne. The King of Pentacles sits on a throne of gold. The Queen of Pentacles sits on a throne of silver. The King of Cups has a throne of coral. The Queen of Cups has a throne of shell. The Queen of Swords sits on storm clouds while the King of Cups sits on wispy clouds. The Queen of Wands perches on a glass throne. The King of Wands perches on a throne made from volcanic rock.

Erik also pointed out that each royal's badge of office was marked with the sigil for their suit.

Sidhe3141 noticed that the Queen of Wands differed slightly from her Rider/Waite counterpart. Good catch! When I was designing the minor arcana royals, I decided that it didn't make much sense for the Queen of Wands to be holding a flower (even a sunflower) when the Queen of Pentacles was actually made of wood. So, instead, I decided that instead of a sunflower she should be holding an actual, small sun/star. That small change required we alter her hand position.

Sidhe3141 also noted that the queens seem more "alive" than their male counterparts. This is true but actually unintentional. Or, perhaps, subconscious. Each royal is composed of an aspect of their corresponding element. The King of Pentacles is rock. The Queen of Pentacles is wood/plant matter. The King of Cups is ocean water while the Queen of Cups is calmer lake water. The Queen of Swords is made from storm clouds. The King of Swords from more sedate white clouds. The Queen of Wands is pure sunlight while the King is fire.

Finally, Sidhe3141 also noticed that in the first panel there were 56 individuals. Which is how many cards there are in the traditional minor arcana.

Fantastic work, everyone! I'm very proud and impressed.