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Commission Keith W!


"Hey, Genn! For the next page, I'm going to send you designs for eight new characters. I'll need you to reproduce my rambling but very detailed ideas for these designs with precision but still add some artistic flair to the whole mess. Can you do that in a few days?"

Damn, can she! Ladies, gentlemen, those who are both, and those who are neither, may I introduce to you the Kings and Queens of the Minor Arcana. Cups. Swords. Pentacles/Coins. Staffs/Rods. With this page, we witness the birth of the Minor Arcana in Mysteries of the Arcana lore.

I cannot express enough how delighted I am with the way Gennifer's art has brought my ideas to life. Better yet, how she added to those ideas and made the Kings and Queens truly something special.

Thanks, Genn. So much.

P.S. There are a great many little, symbolic details hidden in each of the Kings and Queens. Can you find them?