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Commission Keith W!

Joyous Consumas!

What's this? Is that a new vote incentive! My word! It is! Well, sorta. Its actually the first three installments of Order of the Arcana, our parody webcomic done in the style of Order of the Stick. We'll be running the old Order of the Arcana as vote incentive for a little while and then? We'll run NEW strips!

Someone pointed out that I didn't list Melody's color in the last journal entry. They also suggested her color is red. Indeed it is. An allusion to her mom, even.

Finally! In the spirit of Consumas I've put together an Amazon wish-list. Honestly, you guys being loyal readers is gift enough but on the off chance someone wants to buy me something? Who am I to say no. Here's the list:

See everyone Thursday! We'll have new vote incentive every day this week!