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Commission Keith W!

Good Morning

I'd like to, first, apologize to Fes. He's been trying to get together with Keith and I to do an interview for his podcast, the Webcomic Beacon, and my life has just conspired to get in the way every time.

Next, we got reviewed! I Am Legend, a webcomic review site, was kind enough to give Mysteries of the Arcana a very positive recommendation. This is our first "professional" review as a webcomic and I'm very pleased with it.

Finally, a bit of trivia to lighten the morning.

Did you know most of the main characters have a signature color? Chrys's is purple. Theresa's is green. William's is purple. Mandrake's is black. Kludge's is blue. This determines the color of the vortex storm that transports people from arcana to arcana via the royal road.