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Commentary and plugs

Someone noted I haven't been giving much commentary with the current run of pages. I apologize for the lack of commentary but I feel this part of the story needs to tell itself. It is important for you to experience it, I think, and not have me walk you through it. So, please forgive me. Commentary will resume once this sequence is over.

Do you like Mysteries of the Arcana? I hope so, since you're reading the comic! If you do, though, you might also like Hero in Training. After three years or so of never missing an update, Stefan (Hero in Training's creator) took a well deserved break. Now, he's starting up again and I want to make sure everyone knows it.

Hero in Training is a wonderful adventure story with elements of fantasy and science fiction all laid on top of a very simple premise: heroes are both born and made. Those destined to become heroes are trained, in their dreams, to make a difference (for good or for evil) in the world. They don't remember this training when they awaken, of course, but without it they couldn't stand against the oddities and horrors that seem to naturally gravitate towards them.

Give Hero in Training a try. If the large archive is daunting, try this synopsis. Trust me, this is a comic worth reading.