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Commission Keith W!

I admit...

Hello to visitors from Strawberry Deathcake. I want to thank Elliot for the plug and hope anyone he sends this way enjoys Mysteries of the Arcana. Please, let us know what you think!

I admit I was a bit worried. Keith's internet is still down and so he has to either "borrow" wifi or make a visit to a wifi hotspot or a library in order to upload a page. I was worried we wouldn't meet our deadline.

Which just goes to show what a professional attitude Keith has. He made sure to get the page done, done on time, and uploaded early enough that I'd know it would be up. Thanks, Keith.

It also goes to show how precarious webcomics are. Few of us are doing this as our primary profession. Too much time taken by work, family, illness, friends in trouble... and it is easy for the webcomic to fall by the wayside and an update to be missed. There's a lot of factors involved. Did I get the script into Keith on time. Will he get in done in time to find a wifi hotspot and upload it?

So, remember to say thank you to Keith if you enjoy today's page. Without him going to extra mile there's no way it would have happened.

By the way, that's the goo Theresa threw up several pages back. Think its friendly goo?