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Fun Devices

The necklace Chrys used to summon the machete in this comic is, of course, the same decorative, digital matter storage unit (DDMSU) that Chrys introduced sometime ago. it converts matter into digital information, then stores it in an optical drive. The design is based on a piece of jewelry created by a friend of mine. We actually gave that piece away to a very lucky contest winner.

The idea of a small space capable of holding gobs of stuff isn't anything new. Just ask Felix the Cat (and his magic bag), Dr. Who (and the TARDIS), any Dungeons and Dragons adventuring party (who will usually have a bag of holding of some kind), or any Sierra/Lucasfilm adventure game from the 80s/90s (how the heck did they hold all that stuff?!?). I wanted to do something a bit different, though.

The idea for the DDMSU originated from Tron. In fact, the visual effect for how it digitized and materialized items comes directly from the movie. I wanted a technological solution to the age old adventuring problem: carrying a whole bunch of stuff without ruining the lines of your cool outfit.