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Shameless Plug

Instead of commentary, I'm taking a moment to shamelessly gush about another webcomic. Strawberry Deathcake is about a couple of teenagers who find themselves entangled in the battle against evil at the side of an exorcist in training and an entire organization of somewhat nuts battlers of the supernatural. The art is nothing short of amazing and the writing? Fun as can be. It never gets too heavy and has many moments of fan service and comedy. Like the best comedy based sf/fantasy though (I'm thinking Eureka, for example, or Warehouse 13) it doesn't let the funny get in the way of positive and real character development.

Best of all? Elliot, the writer/artist, has a unique sense of style. He doesn't rely on the same old D&D objects and magical effects. My favorite? Jack the Ripper's hat. Turns out it wasn't Jack that did the deed. It was his hat making him do it. Check it out by clicking on the link below.