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As promised, from here on in, I'll be giving you commentary. I thought I'd start off with commentary on the storyline in general, however, instead of this page in specific. It might help provide a little context.

Originally, my plan for the second storyline of Mysteries of the Arcana was to do something to better introduce readers to the larger cast. Maybe a scavenger hunt. Maybe a night of terror as the Inn's defenses go wild, forcing people to team up in wacky and unusual pairs. As “More Heavens and Earths” began winding up, though, I realized there was a problem. While I believe I had done a good job establishing Chrystalline and Theresa, the speed of the plot didn't allow for development of their interpersonal dynamic. Beyond a wow moment, a bit of tension, and some sympathy, they were understandably more focused on the job to be done than each other.

So, I decided, the next storyline had to help develop Chrys and Theresa's relationship with each other. After a great deal of debate, I also decided that nothing further could happen until the motivations for Theresa's suicide attempt were revealed.

That's what this storyline is about. The events that led up to Theresa walking down into the tunnels and meeting Chrys. Chapter 2, “All the Way Down” will explore how those events led to Theresa and Chrys meeting and, more importantly, what effect the events will have on how Theresa and Chrys grow as friends and, possibly, more.

Okay, I lied. One bit of commentary on this page. This isn't the first time a vision of Debby has shown up in the comic. Check HERE if you're interested.

Happy reading!