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Commission Keith W!

Sticky situations


Looks like this bomb is a bit on the manipulating side, attempting to move about do to what it's going to do.

Also, I know you guys tend to hang around here, but I do also do work on a few other webcomics, and actually, recently finished up the first episode of a motion comic along with Mike "Mac" Prokop.

You guys can check it out at this link.

And we'll see you guys next week!

Squishy Bomb


Some bombs go *clink* *clink* *clink*. This one goes *squish* *squish* *squish*!

To answer some questions from comments on the last page:

BowentheKotoc: Yes, those are tentacles. Biobombs are neat!

Francisco: You asked an interesting question. Is Chrys's father on the side of the Void? Or is all not as it seems? I'm afraid I can't give any answers quite yet.

There's a number of natural disasters in the US as of lately. I hope any MotA fans out there in Houston dodged the first hurricane and fans in Florida and beyond dodge the current one. I also hope readers in the Northwest are safe from the fires.

Mostly, I hope you're all safe.

See you next week!

Summer's End, Chapter's Beginning


And we return! Welcome to chapter 8 which, despite previous announcements will likely not be the last chapter of Mysteries of the Arcana. As I was laying the chapter out I realize there are still two chapters of the main plot line to be told.

This chapter will be something of a follow-up to chapter 5, where the Inn was invaded and we caught a glimpse of a mysterious dragon who seemed behind it all. Questions left over from that chapter will be answered here.

You'll remember, as I call them, Hacker and Sniper. We last saw them in chapter 7, when they were engaged in the mass slaughtering of alien pirates and the rescue of Chrys's father, a man who probably didn't actually need rescuing since he has the same abilities as his daughter and a great deal more experience in using them.

Do you like their new eyes?

See you Monday!