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Commission Keith W!

Comic Resumed!

After a long (too long) hiatus, here's our first new page of Mysteries of the Arcana! We are continuing where we left off, with the Telling - the story of the origin of the Arcana. Today we see the creation of most of the minor arcana.

Chapter four began here.
The Telling began here.

We'll be posting regularly until the end of chapter 4 which will take us into February.

For today, however, once you're done reading (and commenting!) here why not go over to Comic Creators 4 Freedom! This is an annual webcomic based charity that donates all funds raised to Love146, a not-for-profit dedicated to fighting human trafficking (modern slavery). The fundraiser begins on 12/2 and will run for the month. Donate and you'll receive a wallpaper featuring the awkward high school photographs of a hundred and sixty-seven webcomic characters, including Theresa. This is a canon photograph of Theresa at 12 years of age.

Please donate! Its for a very worthy cause.