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Commission Keith W!

Happy New Year!!!


Firstly, sorry about Thursday's update. I had a lot going on with family stuff and prepping for this lovely holiday.

Secondly, welcome to 2018 everyone! J is still getting himself back on track, and I'll continue this story to its conclusion. I know it's not had a lot going on in the dialogue department as of yet, but there's still a handful of pages to go, and I am hoping that I can capture the characters properly, and do J proud.

Also, we want to thank you guys for bearing with us through this past year, with rough update schedules, and various issues happening on both mine and J's ends. We can't do this without you guys, so we definitely want to keep giving you guys quality comic content.

In that same vein. If you guys enjoy this story that I'm doing, let me know. And if you'd like to see me complete it as a proper, inked, fully colored story at some point, let me know that as well.

Fingers crossed, if I do this well enough, I kinda hope J will consider making it cannon.

Once more, happy new year everyone, let's make 2018 a great one!