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Commission Keith W!

Things Don't Go Smooth


Keith got sick. I think his insides tried to rebel against him and immigrate to another body or something. It was messy. Luckily, he got better and we're posting again.

The Patreon will be updated soon. I apologize for that. I'm trying to figure out the best way to reorganize it.

Thank you all for your patience.

For now, let me answer some of the comments from last page!

@PharmaDan: By the end of the summer, all the fillers will be up in the art galleries and removed from the archive. They'll be more easily viewed there.

@Francisco: Chrys knows what happened to Theresa back before they met. She knows what drove Theresa to her suicide attempt and why it was horrific. What Chrys has trouble understanding is why Theresa doesn't embrace her sexual and romantic desires. Chrys has never experienced anything akin to real prejudice or cultural bias against being any race, any religion, any sexual or gender identity. She has no frame of reference. So, while she understands that the event was traumatic for Theresa she doesn't get it in the same way someone else from the United States might. Remember, Chrys not only didn't grow up on Earth, she didn't grow up in ANY sort of established civilization. That skews her perspective.

However, as we can see here, she's trying to be supportive and patient. Because she's a good girlfriend.

See you Monday!