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Commission Keith W!

Oh, Theresa...


Way to ruin the moment, Theresa. Do you think sexy one-liner opportunities like that come along often? No! They don't! It might be months before Chrys gets another chance for one!

Ahem. I mean, obviously, Theresa's feelings matter here and should be talked out to their fullest. After all, it is here birthday. Or it was, yesterday, because it is technically past whatever passes for midnight at the Inn.

In other news, we have, for the first time in forever, a TWC VOTE INCENTIVE IMAGE! We're going to go back to offering those regularly. The vote incentives will be black and white, while a color version will be reserved for folks who support the Patreon (which should be available to Patreon supporters on Friday).

Fair warning. The vote incentive image is NSFW.

See you Monday!