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Commission Keith W!

Filling in the Gaps


So, there's a lot going on in both mine and J's courts for a bit, so in the meantime, I'll be posting some original pieces to help keep you guys entertained.

This here is the companion piece to the one of Theresa that was posted a little while back. I originally planned on pairing them both together to make some wallpapers. Not sure if I'm still going to do that, but I think both stand very well on their own, and who knows, maybe this is what Chrys is hiding under her robe on her way to Theresa's room.

During this interim, I'm totally open to suggestions for filler arts, so if you guys have ideas that you'd like to see drawn up of the girls, or any other cast members, drop them in the comments. I will not guarantee that I'll get everything drawn, but I'll pick the ones that I think have the best visual appeal and also lean toward something I would enjoy drawing.

Hope you guys will bear with us!

Keith W.