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Commission Keith W!

Happy Holidays!


Hello everyone! Here's 12/22/2016 and Christmas is just around the corner for those who celebrate it. I'm pretty excited!

Does anyone play Overwatch? I normally don't play multiplayer only FPS because I a) like story and b) don't like people online much BUT...

... a game which not only puts a woman on the front of the box but puts a LGBT+ woman on the front of the box AND includes characters who are on the autism spectrum... well, I feel like I should support that.

For those of you who were having trouble with our experiment in animation, Keith and I will work on a solution after the holidays end. I apologize. I know it not working on iPads and phones is an annoyance. The reason is because it is Flash based and Apple and Adobe don't get along anymore.

Because I'm not going to ask Keith to work during the holiday weekend, we'll have a filler on Monday featuring our favorite couple.

See you then!