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Commission Keith W!



Mandrake may be a fairy but she knows how to troll her fuzzy captor, doesn't she?

See what I did there? Huh? Huh?

Seriously, though, she keeps getting into situations involving glowing eyes looming above her in the darkness. All because she wanted to pick and smell some flowers in a pretty field.

Musicallife, let me know how Final Fantasy: Boy Band Road Trip plays. I'm curious but not curious enough to spend money on release date prices.

Right now I'm playing the remastered Skyrim. I love the game but, after playing pretty much anything from Bioware, I can't help but notice the flaws as well. I mean, I always noticed them but they're so freaking glaring now. There's only ten voice actors playing every role, with the result being that everyone sounds the same. The NPCs tend to have less actual personality than characters in some of the mobile games I play (like Avengers Academy!). This makes it next to impossible to have any meaningful, real interaction and connect emotionally with your adopted children or spouse. They might as well be coatracks in your house who say thank you occasionally. Of course, I know Bethesda can do better because Fallout 4, while not perfect, made serious strides towards making NPCs who you can connect with. They had interesting stories of their own.

Seriously, Lydia, look at Piper! She says more than a sarcastic one liner about carrying my damn burden!


See everyone Monday.