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Commission Keith W!



Writing Mandrake is always a challenge. I have to convey what she's saying as a series of images, which poor Keith then has to turn into ACTUAL images. Every time I wonder, is this the time when the readers can't piece together what the pictogram sentences mean? Does Mandrake lose her charm then?

Fairportfan asked if this is taking place in Mandrake's home arcana, the Moon. This is not. This story takes place in a new arcana not yet visited in the story. Mandrake likes to visit it because it reminds her of stories about how her world used to be before the megaplexes began sprawling across the surface of the world. As for why her new "friend" is speaking in speech bubbles, remember the translation spell the Inn puts on people. Since this is Mandrake's story, we get to see everything from her point of view. And from her point of view, words are turned into her own native tongue.

So! Can you translate Mandrake's speak? What's she saying in this page?

See you Thursday!