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Life is a Whirl


So, life's been happening fast for me lately. Which is why the comic hasn't been updated in a bit. Please forgive me for that.

1. I now have a new job working for Trapdoor Technologies. They are producing an app called Playbook which contains RPG adventures and rules, allowing for an interactive experience. This was my first week and it was a bit exhausting.

2. I got a new computer (a Microsoft Surface Pro 4) and moving over the files is taking some time. It turns out I had a lot of them. Who would have thought?

And so. Here's the end of Narrow, our first short story in Chapter 7. Obviously, our priest has an untold story that might be explored further down the line...

Next week, we'll pick up with "Fly Away Home", a story staring Mandrake!

Until then!