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BIG NEWS FOR J A LITTLE FURTHER DOWN! But first, about today's comic.

DUN DUN DUN! To remind everyone, Melody's a Key of the High Priestess. Like Theresa, William, Mandrake, and most of the residents of the Inn she has a Key power. In her case, she can sort through an assembly of facts or stories and learn which among them feels "most true". This has allowed her to assemble what she believes to be the correct origin story for the arcana (by pulling the pieces that feel "most true" from all the tales she's collected). In this case, she sorted through the possibilities and felt, "the enemy IS the void" to be the "most true".

Something to keep in mind? Some tarot decks come with a blank card...

I believe I've mentioned my wife is undergoing chemo for breast cancer. We're several weeks in now. It hasn't been the easiest thing we've ever done but support from friends, family, and community has meant it isn't as hard as it could be either. She has her good days and her bad ones but I think there has been more good than bad and she's even been able to do a few hours back at work recently.

As for the big news! LOOK LOOK LOOK!

Fat Goblin Games, a publisher I've done work for, has gotten the license to produce new books for the Castle Falkenstein RPG! A classic steam age adventure game and two time Origin award winner, Castle Falkenstein mixes fantasy, steampunk, and Victorian literature to create what I believe to be one of the greatest RPGs ever written.

AND NOW I'M IN CHARGE OF IT! Sort of. I'm the developer of the line and writing the books but WOW!

I'm pretty psyched!

See you Monday!