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First! It has been a while since I reminded people about the Patreon that supports Mysteries of the Arcana. So, let me remind you! Mysteries of the Arcana has a Patreon! It supports this comic. It pays for the art. It sometimes even pays me a little. And it needs all the help you can give it. Please consider becoming a patron of Mysteries of the Arcana! If you are already a patron, thank you!

There. I think I linked that enough!

In other news! Chapter 7 of Mysteries of the Arcana will be, I have decided, a series of vignettes staring one or two cast members each. If you're a fan of A:tlA, think "Tales of Ba Sing Se". We'll be leading off with two stories some of you have read but others haven't and then doing several original stories.

Want to vote on which character you want to see in the third story? Now's your chance! Head over to the poll I created and pick someone! Or someones! If the character or combination of characters you want to see isn't listed, come back here and leave a comment telling me who I should be including!

See you Monday!