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Commission Keith W!

Power Glove GO!


Thanks for the well-wishes everyone. The good news is, yes, we caught it in time. The chemo is rough and not fun but the survival odds are as close to one hundred percent as they can be. We were fortunate.

And we get to see Theresa's new toy in action. Flinging a square wooden table roughly twenty feet isn't anything to sneeze at. That glove really does amplify strength! And she didn't need to get bitten by a radioactive spider, exposed to a gamma bomb, or even get implanted cyberwear surgery to achieve the feat. Nice!

And, of course, it turned out to be useless but, hey, maybe next time it'll be more advantageous. At least it seems to have bought her the time she needs to finally use her power. Who wants to bet what the void monster's weakness is?

You know, void monster is a terrible name. OKAY! CONTEST TIME!

Here's the rules: One entry per reader - suggest a name for the void monster. This is meant to be a general name for the entire group (assuming there's more than one) instead of just this particular void monster (who might be named Larry, for all we know). Leave your suggestions in the comments for today's blog/comic. The winner will be announced next Monday and will receive a free commission from Keith!

Good luck! See you Thursday.