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End of the Year


As TheDerangedOne pointed out, the rifle used by both tribes of viquirrels has been visually based on the 1915 St. Etienne manufactured chauchat machine gun, thought by some to be the worst rifle ever manufactured. As was pointed out in the video that TheDerangedOne linked to, that reputation has been somewhat exaggerated over time but the gun did have some real problems. Of course, what the viquirrels use is, at best, a cheap knock-off of the chauchat. And just like that t-shirt you bought off the back of some guy's truck with unravel in a year, these guns have problems with a capital P. That rhymes with T. That stands for... Tool?

I might have that backwards.

We are coming up on the end of 2015 and the beginning of 2016. I'm firming out plans for Mysteries of the Arcana in 2015 but I've got some things already sorted.

1. New editions of volumes 1 and 2 of MotA will be released sometime during the year. They will be published by a small press and available in both PDF format and PoD format. These editions will contain the bonus stories that came with the books put together for the Kickstarter.

2. You may or may not know that, back when Gennifer Bone was illustrating MotA there was a computer crash. She lost most of the original files of the pages she did for chapters 3 and 4. That made putting together trade editions of chapters 3 and 4 iffy at best. I'm pleased to announce that Gennifer and I have worked out an arrangement to recreate those pages. With a little luck, volume 3 of MotA will be released last next year and volume 4 the year after.

See you Monday!