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And so, Chrys and Theresa went a-wandering across the battlefield. The issue of pacing is interesting here. I'll be using the walk to impart some important information. Some of it will concern this storyline directly but some of it will help shape the multiverse of MotA as a whole. There'll be exposition but Theresa will once again be playing her primary role in the comic: acting as your point of view. As she learns, you learn.

But enough of that! Let's talk about Keith. More importantly, let's talk about Keith's Christmas present! The one YOU will be giving him!

For every commission Keith gets from a Mysteries of the Arcana reader during the month of November, I will increase his payment for MotA illustration by $1 at the end of the month (up to $50). That's right. Not only do you get some amazing Keith Wood artwork of your very own, but you also help feed him and keep his electricity running so he can keep making this comic! To qualify, your commission email must specifically state that you are a Mysteries of the Arcana reader. Telling Keith how much you like the comic (or hate it, I supose) wouldn't hurt either. To get info on Keith's rates and how to commission him, check the link above or click on the COMMISSION KEITH graphic to the right.


And in other news! Yep. I've got my 3pp Pathfinder-compatible stuff out. Two products came out this weekend. I'm quite proud of both.

The first is Letters from the Flaming Crab: Haunted Places. This is a line of books I develop and edit. I also write the introduction/story bits AND, in this case, co-wrote the crunch inside. Haunted Places has four new haunts for Pathfinder, two new occult class archetypes (one for spiritualist and one for mesmerists), a new occult class option for mediums (a child spirit), and a new anti-paladin archetype. The cost is $2.99. You can also pick it up as part of the Flaming Crab Halloween bundle for $6.66. That bundle includes Haunted Places, Culinary Magic, the Demon Shaman base class, and the Summon Undead splatbook. All the books in that bundle are essentially half off.

And, Fat Goblin Games has released Campaign Kits: Mysteries of Hollowfield. This is a collection of 7 short adventures, all based in the same spooky town. My adventure is the second one in the set. Mysteries of Hollowfield is PWYW (Pay What You Want). In other words, you can pick it up for $0 or $.05 or $1.00 or whatever. All the money goes to the RPG Relief Fund, a charity that provides money to RPG designers/writers who are having financial hardships.


So, that's it! Remember, commission Keith and I'll pay him extra! See you Thursday!