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Walk Through the Woods


There's nothing quite like a snow-covered walk through the woods, holding hands.

Even if those woods weren't there to begin with.

So, obviously, I'm back from Florida. My family and I went to a couple of different locations. We visited LEGOLand, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, a lovely little historical preservation of pre/early Industrial Florida buildings, and Downtown Disney.

LEGOLand: Everything really was awesome. The LEGO models, especially miniland, were awe-inspiring. On our first day we had the VIP package so we got first seating on any rides, a host who took care of all our needs, anything we ate was included, kids automatically won the carnival game they played, the kids got to open the park, a giftbags full of neat stuff like beach towels and model kits. So, amazing.

On the second day they let my daughter meet all five of the LEGO Friends (they have actors playing the parts throughout the park) one on one in a princess dress they gave her. She had a blast. We also went to the waterpark and had a fun time there.

Wizarding World of Harry Potter: Gorgeous and straight out of the movie. Except for so many tourists you couldn't move or breathe. In the shops I felt like I was about to be rammed into every time I turned around. The Leaky Cauldron had very good food, though, and the butterbeer was tasty. Essentially cream soda with a marshmellow topping. The Hogwarts Express was a delightful bit of storytelling trickery. I suspect I'd like the whole thing more in the middle of winter when I could slow down and enjoy the atmosphere.

Downtown Disney: A big mall. Yep. But a nice one. I was sad at the lack of Black Widow specific t-shirts in the superhero store.

And that's what I did during my summer vacation. How about you?