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Commission Keith W!



Sorry about the delay. First there was a birthday this weekend (a 95th one so it was a BIG deal) for a family member. Then I got a head cold which left me sleeping most of the day. Or trying to, anyway.

But... wow! While I was woozy from Nyquil our Patreon hit $330 a month! Our goal for returning to 2 pages a month was $320. So! What does this mean?

1. We are going to wait until the beginning of next month to make sure we actually pull in $330. A little known fact is that the number you see on the Patreon page isn't always what is pulled in. It is the maximum possible amount. People can adjust their pledge month to month. Something like "I normally give $20 but this month I can only afford $10". Only, the total on the main page doesn't change. So, with the total at just over what we need, I need to be sure that we're pulling in the funds correctly.

2. If the funds do check out, we'll be returning to 2 pages per week on the week of the 15th. With Keith's coloring gig on GrrlPower in addition to all his other duties, he needs the lead time to work up to a regular schedule.

3. The bonus story, Birthdays, will take longer to make because we're suddenly not pulling in extra funds like we were before. It will still come but it will take longer to save up for it.

So, that's the skinny. Starting next month, we will (knock on wood) be back to our regular posting schedule!


In other news, my current addiction is Marvel Puzzle Quest on the iOS. Would anyone like to form a private alliance?