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Commission Keith W!

Happy March!


I hope your March is a little less snow-logged than mine! It looks like I'll be shoveling the driveway again tomorrow.

I'm very proud to announce that my first Pathfinder-compatible solo book was released last week.

Spellstaff: the Magic User's Weapon

The staff, be it topped with a skull, gemstone, or crystal ball, has long been a symbol of the magic user’s power in classic fantasy literature. In roleplaying games, however, a staff is often nothing more than a glorified walking stick. Even those staves with actual power hold only a limited amount of charges before they are depleted, and recharging them costs the magic user precious spells. The spellstaff changes all this, giving magic users a ranged weapon that uniquely suits their mystery and power.

In other words, I made Dragon Age style staff weapons for Pathfinder.

Right now, the book is #6 on the "hottest Pathfinder" list over at DriveThruRPG. It is also on sale for GM Day/Week.

If you're interested, please consider picking up a copy. You can buy it over at DriveThruRPG or at Paizo's store. Better yet, pick the book up from the Open Gaming Store. The Open Gaming store takes the smallest bite out of the cover price, leaving a bit more for me and my publisher, Flaming Crab Games.

Thanks for supporting me!

There'll be a new Bricks of the Arcana come Friday.

See you next week!