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Theresa's Hair


Gunsolo noticed that Theresa's hair is considerably longer now than it was in previous chapters. In fact, if you go back and look at chapter 5, you'll see that her hair was just down to her shoulders. Now, it is a bit past her shoulders and in a pony tail. We've been purposefully growing out her hair a bit since chapter 4 but did so in stages. Gunsolo asked how long it has been since chapter 5 so here's the official timeline of MotA thus far. Instead of giving specific dates I'm noting time as relative to the present day. I'm also rounding to the nearest month.

Eleven months ago

Theresa travels into the subway tunnels to commit suicide and meets Chrystaline. Chrys drags Theresa to the Fool and they team up with William to rescue Melody from the Machine Intelligence. As detailed in Chapter 1: More Heavens and Earths.

Ten months ago

Theresa and Chrys return to the Hierophant to retrieve Theresa's jacket. Theresa meets a priest there and has a conversation about girls kissing girls. As detailed in Narrow.

Eight months ago

Chrys tricks Theresa into visiting the Ace of Cups where she has an unpleasant encounter with her past. As detailed in Chapter 2: All the Way Down.

Five months ago

Circe sends the residents of the Inn to gather supplies. Theresa and William visit multiple arcana before ending up in the Tower where they face horrors. Theresa acquires the Beast. Chrys and Mandrake go shopping in the Four of Coins. Chrys meets her father aboard a pirate ship and learns of the existence of the "Baleful Gaze". As detailed in Chapter 3: Two by Two.

Three months ago

Melody holds the Telling, sharing her theories on the formation of the arcana. Chrys and Theresa have a non-date. As detailed in Chapter 4: In the Beginnings.

Two months ago

Bandits under the leadership of Baron Sir break into the Inn and attempt to steal something from Circe's quarters. It takes the efforts of most of the Inn's regular residents to stop the invaders. As detailed in Chapter 5: Inn Trouble.


Theresa helps Kludge with his semi-regular mapping of the Fool.


In other news!

Keith is having a blitz commission sale. He's offering full-color, single character portraits for just $25. This is a serious bargain folks. The number of slots he's offering is limited so I'd leap on it while you've got the chance. You can find details here.

Okay! We'll have a new Bricks of the Arcana on Friday and we'll be back next week with a new page of chapter 6. See you then!