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The End.


And so we come to the end of Kludge's Guide. I apologize that this wasn't up earlier. Originally I wanted to spread this across two pages but first there was snow and then there was more snow and now there's some snow so... yeah. Snow.

Also, a bit of real life and a few actual paying writing gigs that I'll be announcing at some point in the future!

Our new update schedule will be Wednesday. We'll be updating the site to reflect that, of course. Each Wednesday you'll be seeing a new page of chapter 6, starting the 4th. Folk who are supporting us at the right pledge level (or above) over on Patreon will get to see the pages a day or two early!

I've also got a surprise for everyone next week that's kinda neat. I hope you'll like it.

So! See you next Wednesday for the first page of Chapter 6: Void in the Road!