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Announcement Announcement Annooooounceeement!


Sorry about missing Monday's update but I have a good excuse. Really!

First, though, notice that today's page is the official on-the-website debut of the Hierophant Card. Those of you who got the chapter 1 ebooks from the Kickstarter got to see a glimpse of the card in the bonus story, Narrow, but today's view is much better. And speaking of the ebooks...

I am proud to announce that Mysteries of the Arcana chapter 1: More Heavens and Earths and Mysteries of the Arcana chapter 2: All the Way Down are now officially on sale as ebooks!

Each book contains a bonus story not available on our website.

Chapter 1 is $12.99 and available at Amazon. If you would prefer the book in PDF format, you can also purchase it from DriveThruComics.

Chapter 2 is $7.99 and also available at Amazon. Again, if you prefer your ebooks in PDF format you can purchase it from DriveThruComics.

If you prefer to read your comics via ComiXology there'll be a wait. We've submitted the books to them but the ComiXology review process takes several months to complete. I'll announce when the books are up there.

If you do buy the books or even if you already own them via the Kickstarter please take a moment to write a review on Amazon or DriveThruComics (or both!). Reviews help sell books and we can really use the sales. So, this is me begging for reviews. Honest ones, though. I always prefer honesty.

See you Monday!