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I know. You're wondering when this horribly produced LEGO comic will be over? That has to be the reason you've all been so quiet! The answer is, hopefully soon. I'm working on chapter 6 as we speak. Getting the script together. Here are some key words for the next chapter of Mysteries of the Arcana:

Hanged Man. Squirrel War. Void Monsters. Quest. Magic Bullets.

In the meanwhile, I hope you are enjoying this refresher on how the multiverse of Mysteries of the Arcana works. One of the problems with with webcomics is it gets spread out over a long period of time so it can be easy to forget important background details the Royal Road or Keys or Key powers.

Good news! The Mysteries of the Arcana Patreon currently has 8 backers who have promised a total of $243 per month in support. That means we'll definitely be bringing you chapter 6 once a week for a total of 4-5 page per month (depending on how many weeks there are in a particular month). However, Keith and I really want to be able to boost that to two pages per week. To do that, we need to bring the total up to $320 per month in support. That means we're only $77 per month short! Please consider supporting us. Even a dollar or two per month makes a difference. It all adds up very quickly. To borrow a guilt-trip from NPR, if you love Mysteries of the Arcana and want to keep reading it, isn't it worth a bit of financial support?

See you Thursday!