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Commission Keith W!

Blue Goo


Hidden Name: Ben Hudson

First, I want to apologize to Peggy over at Samhain Night. She was nice enough to do a filler for us a few days back and we weren't able to link to her comic for a plug due to technical errors. So, let's fix that.

Go read the gorgeous, Celtic mythology rich Samhain Night right after you read this blog!

Now, to remind everyone. Blue is a sentient color. He's literally an intelligent version of the color blue. Physically, this translates into a blue goo which can heal people. Blue usually stays inside the space suit because it finds that interacting with a world meant for people who aren't sentient shades of colors gets easier when one has hands and thumbs and a voice box/speaker. However, Baron Sir seems to have made the mistake of assuming that if Blue's outside of his suit, he's harmless.


See you Monday!